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March 26

Every time I would walk out my front door to my car, I would look at this leaf. I was mesmerized by it. This went on for weeks. It seemed to carry such a burden with the snow that would fall on it and the wind that would whip it around, yet it just didn't seem to want to give up.  It amazed me, and it held on through some serious snow storms in the Winter of 2009.  I took this on January 23, 2009. So, it lasted through months and months of snow. And, it lasted for about another month after this photo.  Amazing what a little old leaf can teach you about perseverance!

I am glad winter "seems" to be over here already this year. Next post will be about SPRING!




March 20

When I was in college, my photography professor would make comments about how he didn’t want us taking photos from the car. It was a huge NO-NO!   But, as I drive around this beautiful countryside we live in, I always see scenes that I think that would be so beautiful if I could only capture it forever in a photograph.

Well, anytime I try to stop and find the view I saw when I was driving/riding it always seems like it just disappears, and I can never find the beauty that I saw while I was driving.  It’s so fleeting and elusive to me.  Please tell me this happens to you too!  Or maybe I’m just being a rebel from my college days.  Regardless, I have visions of grandeur that I’ll capture the most amazingly beautiful landscapes, but really I am not much of a landscape or still life photographer when it comes down to it.  I can see it in my mind but I cannot seem to capture it.  I seem to do much, much better photographing portraits of people. And, I will keep that as my day job in case you’re wondering!

However, I still want to become a better landscape and still life photographer.  Just like it takes years and years to learn how to take photos of people correctly, I guess it is the same for landscapes.  Sigh! So, I’m going to start this section on my blog called Art From The Car!  Then, hopefully, it will motivate me to learn a little more in this area. And, I can use it as a journal to look back to see if I am progressing at all or if I should just quit while the quitting’s good :).   Some photos might be while I’m in the car (as a passenger of course), or just a hop, skip and a jump away from the car.  With twin toddlers I don’t have much time for lengthy photo excursions very far from the car right now.

Here are a couple from my first attempt!  And, yes, I was the passenger while the car was moving for this first shot.

Driving from Boise to Idaho Falls, Idaho


A really long road that I love out towards Ririe, Idaho.  It looks cool when it rains.








I don’t post photos like these very often on my blog, but I think it’s about time I started sharing some of what we have been working on with The Defining Line Salon.  The more sessions I do like this, the more I just see how every woman benefits so greatly by having images like these of herself.  It’s also hard to know how to really classify these sessions too.  Are they boudoir?  Yes and no.  They aren’t just boudoir.  Are they Pinup?  Not just pinup either.  Are they glamour?  Well….they definitely aren’t like the 90′s glamour that you’re thinking now that I mentioned “glamour.”  But they definitely are very glamorous.  With all of the bad connotations to the word glamour, I had to go look it up exactly.  Here is the definition:


[glam-er] noun

1. the quality of fascinating, alluring, or attracting, especially by a combination of charm and good looks.
2. excitement, adventure, and unusual activity
3. sophisticated style
I do think that definition fits for these types of sessions.  So, yes, they are glamorous, sexy, fun, and what you make them to be.

I just wanted to share a couple of Before & Afters from some of our recent beauty/boudoir/glamour sessions.  All makeup and hair was done by The Defining Line Salon.  They simply do an amazing job!!!!  We are teaming up and offering these sessions again on Friday, April 13th and have special packages.  If you are interested, please contact me very soon as these will fill up.  These sessions will be in the studio and all packages include hair and makeup too!

Amanda -

Francine -

What could be better than transforming a couple of hours into a precious, timeless, keepsake?  Click HERE to reserve your session. Or call me today at 208.542.1089.


March 07


We had so much fun during the first Mini Headshot Sessions (you can see the images HERE), that we couldn’t wait to offer them again.  We found some GREAT models during those sessions too.  Our database is growing quickly, but we still need a larger variety of ages and sizes in our database.  So, we are announcing our second date for Mini Headshot Sessions – Saturday, April 14th, 2012.  If you think your child has what it takes to be a model, please sign them up HERE.  The session is $5.00 plus tax for 5 minutes in front of Kristi’s lens.  Then, Kristi chooses her favorite image of your child and posts it to Facebook HERE.  Please bring your child dressed and ready to go.  Kristi will have two backgrounds set up for this.  One will be all white and the other will be a faux wood looking floor with a natural/neutral colored background.  Think spring if you want the faux wood floor background.  Or, if you just want a nice portrait of your child but you are not interested in having your child be a model, these sessions are a great option for that too.  Special packages will be available the day of the session.


Children who are chosen will model the clothing for Sweetiebirds Designs and be photographed by Kristi Sheriff again in the Sweetiebirds clothing.  Jodi, owner of Sweetiebirds Designs, releases many amazing clothing lines throughout the year and has hired us to help her out with the photos of the clothing.  Check our her work and see the latest models in action HERE.   This year so far she has already launched over 4 clothing lines.  Her next clothing line is going to have bright and bold colors.  If your child is chosen as a model you will receive:

* Free Session at Kristi Sheriff Photography wearing the clothing from Sweetiebirds Designs.
* 1- 8×10 print from Kristi Sheriff Photography (artist’s choice) from the modeling session.
* Deeply discounted prices on gift prints from your modeling session
* Build your modeling portfolio

- A full model release will be required for all models.


If your child is interested in modeling, Kristi’s images will be a great asset.  Some of Kristi Sheriff’s modeling images have been used by her clients to obtain jobs at Disney and the Weather Channel.  She has also had many images appear in print.  However, if you just want some adorable pictures of your kids at a great price, sign up now.

To sign up for the Mini Headshot Sessions click HERE.



March 01

WOW is all I can say for the planning that went into this shot.  I love that the mom picked out a very timeless and classic color scheme for this portrait session and it all coordinates perfectly with the location.  Color harmony is a BIG part of my photography style.  Of course, it helps that this mom has a background in art.  However, if you have questions about how to plan your family portrait session, just give me a call at 208.542.1089 and we can work on it together.  This is what I love to do; create classic and timeless art of your family that is modern all at the same time.  It’s all in the details!