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I don’t post photos like these very often on my blog, but I think it’s about time I started sharing some of what we have been working on with The Defining Line Salon.  The more sessions I do like this, the more I just see how every woman benefits so greatly by having images like these of herself.  It’s also hard to know how to really classify these sessions too.  Are they boudoir?  Yes and no.  They aren’t just boudoir.  Are they Pinup?  Not just pinup either.  Are they glamour?  Well….they definitely aren’t like the 90’s glamour that you’re thinking now that I mentioned “glamour.”  But they definitely are very glamorous.  With all of the bad connotations to the word glamour, I had to go look it up exactly.  Here is the definition:


[glam-er] noun

1. the quality of fascinating, alluring, or attracting, especially by a combination of charm and good looks.
2. excitement, adventure, and unusual activity
3. sophisticated style
I do think that definition fits for these types of sessions.  So, yes, they are glamorous, sexy, fun, and what you make them to be.

I just wanted to share a couple of Before & Afters from some of our recent beauty/boudoir/glamour sessions.  All makeup and hair was done by The Defining Line Salon.  They simply do an amazing job!!!!  We are teaming up and offering these sessions again on Friday, April 13th and have special packages.  If you are interested, please contact me very soon as these will fill up.  These sessions will be in the studio and all packages include hair and makeup too!

Amanda –

Francine –

What could be better than transforming a couple of hours into a precious, timeless, keepsake?  Click HERE to reserve your session. Or call me today at 208.542.1089.


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