Evie + Manny | Jackson Hole Wedding Photographer

Evie & Manny—If there was ever a perfect match, it’s these two! They are so in sync that they even gave each other the same wedding present without each other knowing…a pistol! Their Jackson wedding was a joy to shoot and it was wonderful to see the love between the two of them. They are serious when they say till death do we part!  They traveled all the way from Florida for their Jackson Hole (technically Wilson, Wyoming) wedding.  Then I asked them to get up the morning after their wedding so we could do a Sunrise Honeymoon Session at the Tetons.  They said yes and had to wake up probably around 4 a.m.  I love it when my clients want great photos so much that they are willing to lose sleep! That is dedication 🙂  We made it to the Tetons right as the sun rose and it was GORGEOUS!  Of course there were probably 50 other photographers there as well because, well, it’s the Tetons.  So we had a to get a little creative in our positioning but it all ended with great images!  Thanks Evie + Manny.


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