He can dance! – Idaho Portrait Photographer

I just had to post these images and show them off right away.  This is my nephew, and he has got some mad break dancing skillz and an “8 pack” as he calls it.  I had to ask him what that was since I had never heard of that – thinking he was exaggerating, but I think I did see an “8 pack.”  Lucky him I thought.  But, after I saw his moves, I now know he earned that 8 pack from some serious hard work.  I am so proud of him for his dance accomplishments.  I don’t get to see my sister or her kiddos very often as they live in Utah, but my they came up for the weekend and luckily I was able to lure her and her cute kids to my studio for some much needed professional portraits.  I am so glad they came to little old Idaho for the weekend.  Love you guys!

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